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Michael S. Jackson - April 2, 1950 - May 20, 2019

About The Pants Maker and More

April 2, 1950 - May 20, 2019

Michael S. Jackson, The Pants Maker and More,  with over 35 years in this industry,  have worn many hats.  An expert Tailor and Garment Presser, his experience ranged from making custom clothing and designs, including bridal wear, children,  ladies and men clothing, suits, sports wear, and coats, to making repairs and alterations to finishing and consultations.

He worked expertly with fine garments including fur, leather and suede. 

His ability to work with a diverse group of customers enabled him to service clients nationally in the USA and abroad.  He was confident that he could meet your fashion needs and deliver the desired end result.


 His work is now done! - Rest in Peace Michael S. Jackson...